Here presents some selected works which I like. A complete list of all my publications in chronological order can be found at the bottom of this page. The most up-to-date publication list can be checked in my Google Scholar site.

Selected Projects


Bootstrapping semantic segmentation with pixel-level contrastive learning.


Real-time dense SLAM with implicit representations.

Shape Adaptor

A learnable resizing module for convolutional neural networks.


A parameter-efficient multi-task network with feature-wise attention.


A hierarchical latent-variable model for 3D shape learning.

All Publications

ArXiv Preprint

Bootstrapping Semantic Segmentation with Regional Contrast [Paper] [Blog] [Code]

Shikun Liu, Shuaifeng Zhi, Edward Johns, and Andrew J. Davison

ArXiv Preprint

iMAP: Implicit Mapping and Positioning in Real-Time [Paper] [Blog] [Video]

Edgar Sucar, Shikun Liu, Joseph Ortiz, and Andrew J. Davison

ECCV 2020

Shape Adaptor: A Learnable Resizing Module [Paper] [Code] [Blog] [Slides]

Shikun Liu, Zhe Lin, Yilin Wang, Jianming Zhang, Federico Perazzi, and Edward Johns

NeurIPS 2019

Self-Supervised Generalisation with Meta Auxiliary Learning [Paper] [Code] [Slides]

Shikun Liu, Andrew J. Davison and Edward Johns

CVPR 2019

End-to-End Multi-task Learning with Attention [Paper] [Blog] [Code]

Shikun Liu, Edward Johns, and Andrew J. Davison

3DV 2018

Learning a Hierarchical Latent-Variable Model of 3D Shapes [Paper] [Blog] [Code]

Shikun Liu, C. Lee Giles, and Alexander G. Ororbia II.